Welcome to Hydra Platform

Hydra Platform is an open-source model platform for network based data management. It facilitates the development of complex resource network models by providing a consistent storage facility for network topology and associated datasets. Hydra Platform is built around a server that exposes all functionality as a web service to which Apps can connect to access data.


Hydra Platform provides a set of selected Apps for importing and exporting datasets. Currently network topology and data can be exported to and imported from CSV files (Export to CSV files and Import from CSV files). We also provide an App to Import and export WaterML timeseries files. To get started building an app, see our tutorial on building a simple app (here).

User Interfaces

Hydra Modeller, built by ch2m, provides a desktop user interface tailored to support the full functionality of Hydra Platform. In future other web-based or desktop user-interfaces may be built.

Development team

Stephen Knox is a computer scientist and currently the main developer of Hydra Platform at the University of Manchester.

Philipp Meier currently works as a postdoc at the Department of Surface Waters Research and Management at Eawag.

Khaled Mohamed has working on Hydra Platform for 18 months, primarily building Apps and related models.


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